„The aim of law is peace, its means is the battle“
Rudolph von Jhering (1818-1892)


In a digitalized and complex world, fast, effective as well as understandable solutions are required. That's why we, as a young legal start-up, have created various brands with the help of modern technologies, which are clearly oriented towards the goals of our clients. The brands are managed by specialized teams and are characterized by specific service processes. This offers our clients quick and practical solutions - JuraSolutions.

Since the beginning of 2017, our legal start-up has been operational in Germany and abroad. There are currently around 30 employees at our Düsseldorf and Burbach locations. These form a decisive competitive advantage for us. Above all, professionalism, diversity and efficiency are in demand in our teams. JuraSolution's employees face the challenges of the future in order to be prepared for the present.


Karlheinz Kutschenreiter, admitted to the bar since 2001, can look back on 26 years of professional experience in the insurance industry. For 18 years he worked in various executive board committees of legal expenses insurance companies and supervisory boards of industry service providers. He is a proven specialist in organizing customized services for organizations.

Nikolai Kröger, admitted to the bar since 2005, can look back on 18 years of professional experience in the insurance industry and service providers for that industry. For a total of 12 years, he worked in the area of ​​European claims settlement and - lastly as a Board Member of an international claims handling company. He is well known and respected both as a person and as a professional on many European markets in this industry.


Our legal services for you!

In the area of debt collection, we analyze and advise our clients throughout Europe on the establishment and organization of corporate debt collection services. Among others, these include
  • solvency investigations,
  • out-of-court debt collection,
  • court procedures,
  • execution of titles ,
  • longterm monitoring.

The increasing mobility in Europe leads to a variety of issues resulting from traffic accidents and damage to transport and logistics. We offer 
  • assessment of the legal situation at home and abroad,
  • the filing of or the defense against claims in the event of damage
  • and all of that across Europe - thanks to our partner networks!

We are happy to share our know-how with interested and open-minded clients who are open to new ideas and innovative solutions! Among other things, we will gladly advise you, if you
  • as an entrepreneur want to reorganize your debt - collection management,
  • as an insurer want to reorganize your international claims department or if you want to reorganize your partners abroad,
  • as a transport or logistics company are looking for new solutions!

Have you recently experienced an irregularity in your flight or on your journey? Then you can check with us whether you are entitled to compensation under the EU regulation 261/2004 / EC). We offer  an initial assessment of your claim,
  • an automated generation of a first notification to the airline,
  • assessment of problems with your luggage or full-package holiday,
  • filing of your extrajudicial and/or judicial claim.

JuraDocuments allows our clients to create their own legal documents by themselves! These documents can be individually created, downloaded at your own discretion and used for your purposes. These include, for example, important contracts and dispositions for private precautions.

Our lawyers provide a quick first legal advice in all areas of law by telephone.
  • Free for legal expenses insureds insured at ALLRECHT, Deurag and IDEAL
  • Assessment of your case
  • schematic check of electronically transmitted documents
  • efficient and fast solutions

As a driver, you are sometimes threatened with serious penalties for traffic violations - both in Germany and abroad! Sanctions range from a fines to imprisonment. We are happy to help you by
  • checking the allegations against you,
  • requesting documents from the respective authorities
  • defending you in front of authorities and courts.


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